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About Us

The World Council of Nuclear Workers "WONUC"(Conseil Mondial des Travailleurs du Nucléaire) is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) non-profit, whose articles are registered in Paris.

WONUC is an association of trade unions and / or other organized bodies of workers and professionals in the science related to the nuclear industry.


The rights of nuclear and science-related industry workers and professionals

Defense of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and promoting non-proliferation of nuclear technologies

Creation and development of relations between organizations representing the interests of workers and nuclear industry professionals and science-related

Organization and participation in all projects, events and debates that contribute to:

  • Construction of the image of nuclear energy and public acceptance.
  • Improved knowledge about the public acceptance of nuclear energy and its peaceful applications.
  • Improvement of scientific and technical knowledge on the peaceful applications of nuclear energy.
  • Consideration of peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the problem of economic, ecological and social development.


Nuclear Workers of the world, have been forced, like it or not, to become one of the most highly politicized work forces of modern times. We face two challenges, which are unusual for trade unionists.

The first challenge relates to the lack of understanding of our industry for the general public. We will respond with explanations, dialogue, openness, and patience.

The second challenge we face is that of the extremist environmental movement whose ultimate aim is to deprive us of our jobs.

We will respond fighting. Working as we do in the face of "fuel" we can say that we have plenty of firsthand experience and some experience, especially in understanding the effectiveness of safety and health measures. We believe that the people best equipped to foresee the future of the nuclear industry are those who earn their living from it and live with it is, nuclear workers and their communities.

Our struggle was not limited to the defense of nuclear energy alone. What is really at stake is the social model we want to promote. We will not let a minority of irresponsible fanatics to impose a fearful society rooted in the past, doomed to endless development and poverty. What we want is the democratic adoption of a society ready to face the future, where technical progress is used in a reasonable manner, to contribute to the wealth and development.

Us, nuclear workers, we aim not only to safeguard the future of the nuclear power industry, we are ready to play our part in the establishment of a World Energy Policy, which we believe is vital to the future welfare of the population worldwide. We believe that the reasonable use of nuclear energy is the basis on which it is possible to establish the social, economic and ecological that protect our environment and allow us to tackle the big problems of poverty and unemployment in the world. We believe in our nuclear industry and the great contribution it has already done. We think it has a greater contribution to make in the future.

We are workers, and are entitled to a voice in decisions that affect our industry and affect our communities. We also have a duty to our fellow employees and the community, who are entitled to work for a world with reliable supplies of energy in a safe environment, and social and economic future.

We intend to fulfill our duty and exercise our rights.

Member Rules

The organizations or associations already created or being created, whose country is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are eligible as active members representing workers and industry professionals related to nuclear science.

Operating mode

WONUC's executive body is its General Assembly.

WONUC is administered by a Governing Board composed of a maximum of twelve members elected from among its members for three years by the General Meeting are: President, Vice President, Secretary General, Executive Secretary General, Controller and up to seven staff.

Ad hoc working groups formed to carry out each of the measures decided by the General Assembly or the Board of Directors.

WONUC is financed through:

  • Membership fees
  • Grants
  • Provision of services

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