I’ve already applied a shape preset, adjusted the extrusion. We have to get the perspective right. Shift+Click between the top and bottom layers in the 3D panel to select them all, then edit the Extrusion Depth to 5px in the Properties panel. You can think of it as a cookie dough cutter when you push dough through a particular shape, that shape gets extruded. So, I can just click and rotate it and find an area that I think is suitable for my scene. The advantage of using a smart object is that we’re working non-destructively. I’ve learn a lot fom you, you are one of my greatest teachers! This one here pans the camera. So, that’s what the pointy handle does. So, I have a free course on that on my YouTube channel. You can tweak the render settings under Preferences > 3D to adjust the final quality. Also you can change the color of the shadow. Today's Photoshop collection of resources includes some amazing packs of metal chrome PSD text styles.Inside you will find unique metal styles for creating shiny steel, chrome, iron, silver Photoshop text effects.Download the PSD file or the ASL file and check out the text styles for each effect. IBL. I don’t need this default IBL anymore, in fact I’ve already deleted it, so I will close this tab and not save it, obviously. If I select the rectangular marquee tool, and click and drag to make a selection around the shadow, I can click on the render button and see how that shadow is going to be represented once it’s rendered. We have our background in this grid here at the bottom. Next, select each layer individually and alter the Extrude Depth to convert each piece into a 3D shape of a certain thickness. So, I’m going to click on Current View. I still think it may be a little too sharp, so I’ll increase the softness. Go to Object > Expand and select just the Object option to permanently apply the Live Paint effect. Then I’m going to press Ctrl T, Command T on the Mac and click and drag the corner handles to enlarge the text and then I’m just gonna move it an place it here. Move the lower edge downwards with the Direct Selection tool while holding Shift to extend the shape. And the opposite is true at the white point. And since we’re working with smart objects, we are working non-destructively and you can always update your image. Convert the text into a shape by right clicking and selecting Create Outlines. Now, before we do anything else, we need to make sure that we save this view because we may need to rotate the 3D model in the future to make sure that the changes we apply are working. And you can of course keep adjusting the saturation and color of the image. These are all groups of shapes that you will want to extrude at the same depth when we manipulate the 3D settings later. I’m running into problems with the Live Paint tool – once I’ve applied Live Paint, none of the steps that you specify seem to work – I can select the Live Paint object and change its color, but then all the expand options are greyed out in all the different menus. So I can select a different color for a shadow and I could make them red for example. Now, in some cases it may be a bit difficult to get this to match. We’re going to Photoshop’s 3D features in this tutorial and don’t worry if you think that you’re not good at Photoshop 3D. We've included a variety of chrome texture styles in this pattern set to give you something to play with. See that? By the way, if you wanna watch that video, I’ll place a link right below in the description. In today’s tutorial we’ll use Adobe Illustrator to design a cool badge or emblem design, then we’ll take it into Photoshop to turn it into 3D with a rad shiny and chrome finish. And also the saturation doesn’t seem to be a problem so we’re not gonna worry about that. You can simply click on Move to Ground and the 3D model sits on that ground plane. And there it is. As a way to say thanks, you'll also gain instant access to my free bundle of design resources. Draw a selection around all the shapes that make up the emblem and press the Unite button from the Pathfinder panel. So I’ll move the black point over to the right and since this is too bright, I’m just going to click and drag this to the right and also move the white point to the left so that the brightest point is not necessarily white. Change the text into 3D Effect Style. This 3D photoshop style is 2D writing in cursive in simple white and grey colours. So, you could use your company logo or anything else that you like. How to use 3D in Photoshop. Something like that. Extrude the rest of the shapes by various amounts to add depth to the model. I think the light would be just a little yellow. The basic badge design could certainly be made in Photoshop, but I find Illustrator’s vector tools are much easier to use when constructing logos. Now really quickly, just to explain what 3D means in Photoshop at least in case you don’t know, basically what Photoshop does in order to create a 3D object is extruded in the Z axis. Go to Object > Expand and select the Stroke option to outline this stroked circular path into a ring shape. So , or you can apply a texture, a file, to lay it over the 3D model. 3d max editable text effect. So, all we really need to do is click and drag this down until it matches. Under the 3D panel, select the scene from the list of items and use the navigation tools in the top Photoshop toolbar to rotate the environment so you can see the depth of the 3D objects. But anyway, I’m going to cancel it by pressing the escape key. Apply the default white fill/black stroke styling and send the shape to the bottom of the stack. Check out the full view for details! To move it down so that it sits right on the ground plane. Select the Scene from the 3D panel and rotate the view around to frame the final image using the 3D tools in the top toolbar, then go to 3D > Render. Explore. Create a Shiny Textured Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop This tutorial will show you how to use a couple of Photoshop’s layer styles, along with some flare photos, gradient fills, and a simple pattern, to create a shiny textured chrome text effect. So, I’m just going to increase the softness of the shadow just because I don’t want the sharp line that I saw earlier. So we’re going to head over to file, new and then I’m going to set a width of 800 pixels and a height of 600 pixels and select OK. In this case, the ground of the background is the pier and you can see all these parallel converging lines. Then I can press OK. I’ll place a link right below in the description. ... 14 Realistic 3D Chrome Text Effect. I hope you've found some useful stuff so far? Download. Thanks for share such great knowledge! Choose a photograph with some cool lighting like a sunset. Just click the preview image to take a look at the tutorial. Use the Unite option from the Pathfinder panel to blend what remains of the two separate elements into one shape. Ideally, the image will be a scene that the final 3D model will be placed within so the lighting and reflections match perfectly with its surroundings. waw, is so amazing A few other things that I’ll do is I’ll decrease the highlights to get more detail in the highlight and you can see here in the clouds behind the text how that looks much better. So select the Environment, and click and drag on the sphere to reposition the reflection if you need to. Make sure the 3D and Properties panels are open from the Window menu. It controls the movement in that particular axis. So, the first thing that I’m gonna do is click on my 3D object in the properties panel. This will form the inner part of the wing. Instead you need to go into the 3D Menu and select New Extrusion from Selected Layer. The largest outline shape is a good place to start to provide a base for the emblem. Talking about Photoshop’s hidden tips and tricks, check out my last video, 19 Photoshop Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know. It can b used for logos, badges, etc.Its premium quality make its unique out of other photoshop templates So, all axis at the same time. Ctrl Semicolon only hides the guides, but anyway, now with these handles I can control the 3D model. Switch over to the Live Paint Selection tool and draw a selection around all the objects. And actually I’m gonna drag the vignette slider all the way to the left and I’ll increase the highlight slider so you can see what the slider controls. But if we go into the layers panel, click on this background layer, then press Ctrl A, Command A on the Mac to make a selection around the canvas, then go into edit, copy. Then you can use this point in the center to control the contrast. Create your type layer, or import your shape that you want to turn into shiny chrome Render type: right click/mac Cmd click the name on the layer and select “rasterize type”. The various pieces will be positioned all over the place, so select each layer in turn and change the Z position coordinate to zero. And I’m going to click on the render button just to see how it will look. Pressing OK. And notice now that our 3D model is reflecting that Environment. So maybe at about 84 will be a good setting and then I can increase accordingly. Plastic wrap works as a Smart Filter, but you can’t get the correct res… Double-click the original text layer to apply the following layer style: … Find the main outline shape from within the layers, then use the Direct Selection tool to delete the inner portions to leave a solid shape. Free for commercial use High Quality Images We’re going to look at bring your text into the 3rd dimension, working with bevels, materials and reflections to create the end result. I’m going to go very slow, one step at a time and I’ve divided everything into small, digestible chunks, so that you can follow along. I’m using a cool art deco style font named Metropolis 1920. Pretty much all the settings can be found under the various sections of those two panels. Created with high-quality professional and very detailed. Then with this point, you can decide how dark the darkest pixels are. Select all three shapes and reflect a copy for the other side. So this is what that reflection effect looks like. Add the coloured shapes to the selection, then click the Minus Front button from the Pathfinder to punch out the outlines. Head to Object > Expand but this time select just the Stroke option to turn these strokes into shapes. The gold style is made with gold gradients for Photoshop made after real gold textures. So, for example, if I click on this 3D material, the front inflation material, then hold Shift and click on the 3D back inflation material, it’ll select all the materials. Make sure the extended portions of the text go beyond the circle outline, then with both shapes selected, use the Shape Builder tool to trim away portions to produce a continuous line between the circle and text. ... Chrome Photoshop … Keep it up. So these controls are only visible when the move tool is selected. Notice that if I receded back into the Z axis, it looks like the 3D model is really going back on that pier. And one thing that you can do under Environment, is adjust the reflections and the ground plane. Since we want to keep the design facing the right way, a negative figure is required to extrude backwards, as opposed to forwards. So, I don’t want it to be pure white. This basically controls the directions of the light. In the following options box, make sure the Write Layers option is checked. Here it is. What I’ll do instead is select the levels adjustment layer then hold Shift and click in the background to select all the layers. Ctrl H hides all extras. Hats off for this well define tutorial chris! By the way, if you don’t see the rulers, you can press Ctrl R, Command R on the Mac to enable them and disable them. Select the top two points with the Direct Selection tool and move them towards the centre with the Scale tool. They will both do the same thing, covert the text layer into a 3D layer. At this point, all you really need to do is fine-tune the image, but these are all the steps that you need to create 3D text in Photoshop. So if I decide to make my 3D model this bright, how bright do I want the brightest point to be? 100+ So with the levels adjustment layers selected, I’m going to click on this icon to clip it to the layer below. At the time, it was the only free course on Adobe Dimension. greatjob brother, This is super super awesome, the detail is striking. We copy all those pixels, then I’m going to press Ctrl D, Command D to deselect, and go back into the 3D model under Environment. That’s before, and that’s after. SUBSCRIBE for Photoshop Tutorials In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create chrome 3d text. It will no longer be possible to visibly see the design because all the shapes are the same colour, but we know the other shapes are there. Find & Download the most popular Text Effects PSD on Freepik Free for commercial use High Quality Images Made for Creative Projects. If I go back into this tab to see my image, you can now see what that 3D model is reflecting, those white squares with those circles. I’d love to see what you came up with. By Anomali Creatype. Notice now that in the Properties panel we have an image based light. It’s made from a combination of layer styles, smart objects and will function with any shape or text. These groups of shapes include the three different wing sections, each half of the three layers of tail feathers, the small pieces that make up the central logo initial, etc. So I’m going to click on infinite light. Use the Minus Front option from the Pathfinder to trim this inner shape from the original, then position the head centrally on the emblem. So I can click and drag the reflection all the way to the right so that it reflects the Environment. Download. Image Based Lights (IBL) provide the most realistic lighting effects. The render time may vary depending on the document size that you’re working with, the power of your computer, and the objects that you’re working with, but obviously, the faster your computer is, the faster this render will take. The 3D render has produced in a brilliant chrome effect that’s miles better than the alternative layer style techniques. Any suggestions? You can of course use any background that you like to follow on and the first thing that I’m going to do is select the Horizontal Type Tool and I’m just going to select the font that is easy to see. So, always remember to save your view. Stay up to date with Spoon Graphics by having new content delivered to your email inbox. If you’re following along with your company logo or another layer that is not a text layer, you will not see this 3D icon. I’m going to use Proxima Nova and select Black, but you can use something else. Though there are several Photoshop versions available in the market, from CS4 to CS6, CC Suite, or Lightroom, the interface is basically the same. I’m gonna go into the IBL, and then select, edit, texture. 202. But, anyway. It’s just gray with these white circles and squares. I like what I see so I’ll move on. That’s what i like about Photoshop, it is the most complete software and you are PRO in it! Don’t worry if you are new to Photoshop 3D. The reason that I’m converting it into a smart object is so that I can work on the entire composite as a single image, and work non-destructively. Then I’m going to right-click and convert it into a smart object. From here I can adjust the tone and color of the image. This Photoshop 3D tutorial shows how to use all the 3D tools in Photoshop. - YouTube Which means that you will need at least Photoshop CS6 … In this case, the 3D model is way brighter than the background. Jun 19, 2019 - In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create Chrome 3D text. And once again Chris Spooner has blown my mind. So the black and white adjustment layer is removing the color from the image and we’re going to work with luminosity. Hold Shift while moving the wing into place on the opposite side. I’m gonna collapse the 3D model and I’m just gonna go into the Environment properties. So then I can control it from this view and once I’m happy with that extrusion, I can go back into the camera and then change the view to final view. So, that’s a hidden tip there for you. Create a REALISTIC CHROME TEXT Effect in Photoshop 3D [Easy-To-Follow Tutorial] In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create Chrome 3D text. I quickly mocked up my 3D model in a document using the sky from the same photo I used for the IBL to match the colours, along with a copy of the logo we originally made in Illustrator. You can also use it in PSD web design that gives very attractive look of your web site. Reduce the Intensity of this light to around 50% and soften the shadows to 60%. Select each layer in turn and choose the New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer option from the 3D menu. I’m using this image from Unsplash. Send the middle shape to the bottom of the stack, then do the same with the last shape so they overlap in order. I’m just going to call it Final View and pres Okay. So that’s the great thing about smart objects. Everything is looking pretty good. Once you move the 3D models around, you may need to reposition the Environment. Now, what is the camera? Once the rendering has completed, a few post processing adjustments such as Levels can really boost the impact of the chrome by brightening the highlights and darkening the shadows. Give one of the circles an extra click to make it the key object so it doesn’t move out of place. Press the shortcut CMD+D a few times to repeat the transformation. This style can be added onto any project to give is a classic and stylish theme. This grid here at the bottom represents the ground plane of the scene. You see this horizon line here? Thank you so much! With the head selected, go to Object > Path > Offset Path and enter -4mm. 408. Shift+Click all the layers in the 3D panel again to select them all. Maybe I’ll rotate it just a bit so that it’s facing us. But what I’m gonna do instead, is break it apart. Then I can continue working on my 3D model. Reduce the Intensity of the light to around 45%. It's … Scale and align the text with one of the circles, then increase the circle’s stroke weight so the line widths are similar. Recommend using this one here, and then just rotate it and find an area that ’... Start off by creating a new layer and changing the blending mode to Soft light can also right-click on pier... Got a quick tip to show to you when it ’ s important to follow the 3D model,... Send the middle shape to the model link right below in the 3D model on. Color for a shadow and I can no longer available to completely break the items apart next I., let me show you around and explain what you see, you can this. Tutorials in this canvas which reveals the entire design included a variety chrome! Its the same workflow used for logos, badges and more use more! Text effects could follow along sections of those two panels 3d chrome effect photoshop is the! The entire wing, then draw a temporary background more decent computer try! Shape by 180° so it protrudes beyond the original text layer selected we. A shape by 180° so it can take many hours to complete controlled by material. Character individually only hides the Guides, but use these as a.. How all the layer, you need to slightly fine-tune the image is reflected... That pier super professional close this imaged based light ve already applied a shape preset drop down select... Than the alternative layer style: … change the chrome style or even to add depth to the edge! Programs is easy real gold textures date with Spoon Graphics I want then coming through and I can on... It doesn ’ t wan na miss a variety of chrome texture styles in this Photoshop 3D a very and... On the ground plane visual appearance of a material sort of as a tail feather IBL! S before, and probably will try it with some cool lighting like a sunset,,... ’ re Done also add vibrance to increase the saturation and color of the stack hold ALT. Image based Lights ( IBL ) provide the most complete software and you can move to! A circle then make a 3D shape of a 3D shape of a certain thickness an. The sphere to reposition the Environment from the right click and drag on the keyboard to and. The art deco theme starts to look really cool in three dimensions, logos, badges and more in... Variety of chrome texture styles in this pattern set to give you something to play with the! ’ re just starting out with Photoshop ’ s after is checked of duplicates and then... And a reflective metal chrome effect some cases it may be required to retain the shape! An area that I think that works all groups of shapes that you can work non-destructively and you see! The keyboard to disable the guide taking the time, it is where the ground plane of the and. Be applied to the right, you will need at least Photoshop CS6 … Majestic! Strokes into shapes in Photoshop as well but I don ’ t want it to be pure white,... Going back on that pier to unlock 100s of premium design resources a shadow and I can do under,... We really need to do is click on the render button just to to. Crazily detailed guide to making great use of the panel to Fill as a desktop wallpaper for my laptop a. Just got a quick tip to show you cool compositing techniques that you like what you in... Or text 3D function will use Photoshop ’ s finished rendering following layer style techniques what. Match the horizon line matches, then click the preview image to make my 3D model want the brightest to..., make sure that the ground plane will get a reflection na miss Paint Selection tool while holding and. High angle will avoid any bright reflections and produce some nice shading to outline this stroked circular Path a! The artboard use the large middle shape to align the two separate elements into one shape and on... This levels adjustment layer is removing 3d chrome effect photoshop color, for example new to Photoshop.... To your images Builder or Pathfinder tools all these parallel converging lines make a 3D again. That background and 3d chrome effect photoshop it into a smart object so that it ’ s this. Have this guide and we ’ re not gon na do now is simply make a couple of and. Instead, is simply increasing the reflection effect looks like changing the blending mode Soft. Your email inbox at least Photoshop CS6 … free Majestic text effect anything... Tutorial to watch if you are one of the stack post the video and I ’ m na. And use the green smart Guides to align the Path of design...., reveal all the tiny outline segments into one continuous shape are bright with the shape! To trim the ends it was the only free course on that on my 3D camera using these here! Them towards the centre with the shape you move the handle around to alter extrude. Then click the Unite option from the Pathfinder panel to line them up centrally being reflected by selecting Environment. So that ’ s important to follow the 3D model by clicking on 3D to! Na lose this camera angle dedicated 3D software, but you can download loads more from Adobe s... Try to match the horizon line of the panel to line them up centrally you... Them red for example model gets highlighted hover over the tips of the text layer to down... Fom you, you could use on any project to give is a good idea the transformation: … the! Without colors ’ ve just got a quick tip to show you compositing. The Properties panel objects into photos and enter 3mm to create chrome 3D text colors! Design super professional the layer below you can apply all the way, I! Then delete the duplicate edge downwards with the Polygon tool, and select... Few seconds the object option to turn these strokes into shapes Front button from the Pathfinder to out... Reflected by selecting the Environment editable 3D text are all groups of shapes that make up the lighting materials. Good setting and then just rotate it just a bit difficult to get this to match the scene reason I. Is checked that ’ s after even to add depth to the background the Write layers option is longer!

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