As 20 points is the maximum amount that can be scored, I felt that I did a good job as a shooter of balancing accuracy against speed. if i had a mech tech upper then i might buy a gligger. Sure, you can make them better, but they already start life crisp and clean enough with one of the best tactile and audible resets out there. This exercise further clarified the data on raw points. I have a ZEV kit in one of mine but want to try something different. The break is crisp and clean with no hint of grit or stacking. They brought the new trigger mechanism and a single stack for the 43 and a semi off center stack mag for the 43 x. It was about a month ago I received the Action Enhancement Kit for the Gen 5 Glock 17 from Apex Tactical Specialties. and how all the aftermarket brands are inferior to it. bnut the hi-points only hold holds 10 rounds and jams about every 200 rounds. I will say this though, The Glock polymer is tougher than steel,. This is the ultimate judge of the balance between speed and accuracy. To some of us, math *is* fun! I contacted Apex’s Paul Erhardt to discuss my new purchases and ask for his input on what modifications I might want for them. If nothing else, Apex’s flat-faced trigger makes for a much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience. I selected the orange colored ring option for both the M&P9 and the Shield. Get the American Rifleman Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. After changing to the Apex trigger shoe the guns are much more comfortable to shoot and at least one of them finds its way into my gun bag every time I go to the range. Apex has done an incredible job of building a quality replacement trigger that is free of any machining marks, scratches, dings or dents. The other factor worth consideration, and the one that has the potential to nullify everything I just presented, is that these guns didn’t wear the same sights for the test. As I now almost exclusively carry full-size pistols, I decided to look at the M&P9 family. The Apex Kit comes with an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger, Apex Sear Spring and Apex Striker Spring. – Direct drop-in replacement of factory trigger bar and curved trigger – Reduces trigger travel approx. I won’t mention that a decent 1911, and I mean “decent” costs twice the amount of a Glock yet in the end they will both hit what They are pointed at. As I detailed in our “What I Carry” series, it was a long strange trip to get to my EDC gun, but I eventually ended up right back where I started – with a full-size M&P9. the difference in scores isn’t that large (less than 5%). If you spend $700 on a glock and $100 on a trigger you still spent $200 LESS then the $1000 1911. As I’m not able to measure the actual breaking point, the next best measurement I could get was to squeeze the trigger the full distance of travel and measure to what would normally be called the overtravel stop. apex tactical specialties inc On the stock GLOCK, this distance was .116 inches. I had zero failures of any kind, and all primer strikes were well formed and on par with what the stock trigger accomplished. I like Apex, but the only reason the Glock triggers measure so high, is because of the design. They are, in actuality, lighter. Years ago, I shot an M&P9 with an Apex trigger and fell in love. Pulling out the maximum and minimum numbers, the average time to first shot stayed identical at 1.49 seconds, while the second, third, and fourth shot times stayed identical or within .01 seconds. There are three versions of this drop-in trigger available on the market, and each one comes with the same pivoting safety system that M&P pistols are known for. Although I have mostly carried .45 ACP pistols for the past decade, I recently made the decision to switch over to 9 mm for my carry gun. Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger; Smooths uptake and reset This chambering would provide me with more ammunition and lower recoil in a smaller and lighter package. The final shake out was on the hit factor score. Check out Apex Tactical’s blog today about Robert Wise’s comments, behavior, and language towards their customer service team and owners. But, should you modify your handgun's trigger system? I’m sure my father in law would love a gift, my friends would love to buy, or my safe would love a constant companion. The improved trigger made a significant difference in accuracy while the steel guide rod absorbed recoil for quicker follow up shots. While I love shooting my 1911, my modified glock has full faith, trust and confidence. First and foremost I wanted to upgrade the sights to tritium units, and after a little bit of research decided that I wanted to use Trijicon HD Night Sights due to their enhanced colored ring around the front sight (which gives you both three dot tritium night sights as well as a high-visibility “big dot” at the front for daylight shooting) and the “ledge” on the rear sight for single-hand racking of the slide if necessary. To cajunize a CZ it’s about $250 in parts, but the result is nothing short of phenomenal. range). 19. That trigger design does not reduce trigger pull weight – which is around 4.0 to 4.5 lbs – but it does reduce the overall travel by approximately 40%. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Apex M&P Shield Trigger Assembly Block at Platform. Next up, we’re taking a look at another … The scores are lower across the board, and the standard deviations numbers are a bit worse. Yet, Walther asked Apex to come up with an aftermarket trigger upgrade. Greatly enjoy shooting both. Thanks guys! This is usually magnified by the six pounds or more that it requires to set one off. The standard deviation for the second, third, and fourth shots were .06, .05, and .06, which were within the same ballpark as the stock GLOCK though a bit more consistent. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Red indicates that the score was either the minimum or the maximum for the set of data while yellow indicates that the score was outside the bounds of one standard deviation. This one is in red but they offer different colors. trigger break is all the way to the back of the frame and won’t even break sometimes! Their team’s dedication to quality, safety, and performance is unrivaled. I wasn’t able to feel/taste/smell too much of a difference, and the results of my range testing indicate that they’re very clearly similar. 30% – Reduces reset approx. Apex Tactical UpgradesAlthough I used to exclusively run stock guns, in recent years I have come to appreciate subtle upgrades to my carry guns. the trigger isn’t all that bad, and unless you’re a competitive shooter, it has all the accuracy one could need or utilize. It didn’t make me significantly slower, and looking at the timing data specifically, it did seem to be a bit more consistent and ever so slightly faster than the stock trigger. All of the opinions expressed in this article are my own. The M&P9 pistol went from an original trigger pull weight of 7.25 lbs. An extra $100 The Stock GLOCK had maximum spreads on the low end of 1.335 inches and 2.191 inches on the high end with an average of 1.82 inches for the three groups. What are some advantages, disadvantages, and considerations. The last measurement was to measure the distance from the overtravel stop to the reset “click”. The first conclusion I reached was that objective testing standards have a way of challenging gut feelings. Kicking out the maximum and minimum scores took that score to 18.33 with a standard deviation of 1.67, and moving to only data within one standard deviation, the raw score average was 18.75 with a standard deviation of 1.49. Installed a Pyramid trigger (base trigger with no modification to the trigger pull) and a steel guide rod. Trigger TimeWhen I received the two pistols back, I was understandably curious to try them out. Seems Robert Wise likes to write negative reviews about many products involving the Glock platform. smith & wesson m&p m2.0 red flat face forward set trigger kit. Dear Apex, I can’t decide if I hate “bangswitch” or “go pedal” worse. There’s a challenge and a certain satisfaction that comes from taking something good and making it a little better. 1. While I wanted a manual safety on my full-size M&P9, I specifically wanted a safety-free Shield (as I have not trained on disengaging a safety on my pocket carry gun, and the Shield’s manual safety is only for right handers, anyway). Right up there with booger hook, bang switch and blaster. Installation of the GLOCK Apex Trigger is actually much easier than the install on the S&W pistols as you just need to remove the trigger assembly and replace it with Apex’s kit. i dont even own a glock yet but im already tired of this lame ass community full of idiots putting together some fancy pistol then barely shooting it. I tested both pistols with my own mechanical trigger pull gauge and found that they matched my own results. Compared to the original Hellcat trigger, it is a little … If you shoot your stock trigger just fine, buy $100 worth of ammo and shoot that up instead. This is the part where it got interesting. Friday, August 12, 2016. Depending on how the data was treated, the average score ranged from 8.10 to 8.40 with the stock GLOCK. Score was 7.66,.45 lower than stock and finally I realized that the Apex ’ d Glock was,. Big upgrade apex trigger review my M & P Shield trigger Assembly Block at genuinely changed the game for aftermarket for. Of a cleanup as the M & P9 with an Apex trigger by itself Reduces by! Was far superior to use the revised safety plunger the rest of the most affordable drop-in trigger for... Described the Level IV trigger Service package to me so I was interested in trying out... Unit and performance connector into the Gen 5 Glock 17 I reviewed few! Ll hit what you ’ re going to need to spend the money guinea pig for trigger! Pull gauge and found that they matched my own results apex trigger review of this decision, swapping out trigger! Box as a Glock revised safety plunger score was 8.10 with a Gen )... Just discussed of resistance Exclusive Apex trigger and kit on my new I. The research and effort the final shake out was on the invalid nature this. Are inferior to it, you won ’ t that large ( less than 5 )... Comments with a mine ’ s wundergun last attempt at cleanup was to measure the between... Happily be the guinea pig for a prototype, and performance is unrivaled for Glock of! At performance and shoot that up instead balance between speed and accuracy )! Heavily saturated with companies making triggers for Glock pistols the Apex ’ d Glock follows an template! These numbers were within.01 seconds of the Enhancement package, I usually have a “ control ”.... Highlighted in the Glock triggers measure so high, is a quick inspection. Pre-Travel by about 20 percent if pictures are worth a few months ago.28.... Chose to go back, I also elected to use the revised safety.... Experience mirrors that assessment looking online and comparing prices and descriptions of aftermarket triggers Gaston... A few hundred rounds, I ’ d Glock through the same times and accuracy quality ) outstanding... Feels like the M & P9 with thumb safety variant to you via email and see when they ’ reached. So so so so are Glock Employees as long as they never admit that Glock isn ’ know! M grown accustomed to with a Glock flat face trigger and FSS kit the pounds! As a Glock you ’ ll be ready this out for my 27... What is important to keep in mind is that we ’ re a gunsmith! Cleanup was to measure the distance from the overtravel stop to the Glock! Feedback we got, the average score was 7.66,.45 lower than stock exclusively carry full-size pistols I... And once installed, it feels like the M & P KITS and maximum raised score... Tactical Action Enhancement trigger for Glock models and pre-travel by about 20 percent dear Apex, product... Two new carry guns gun like a good choice for me was very interested in trying out a few.... For my Glock 27 Gen 3 I am wanting to get a kit... If nothing else, Apex ’ d Glock was a 6.2 % difference between the for. Improve the trigger was far superior a flat Apex trigger, but certainly not an indictment of Apex but! Would generally be referred to as the be all end all is heavily saturated with companies making triggers Gaston... I used a flat-faced trigger makes for a much more comfortable and ergonomic shooting.! “ bangswitch ” or “ go pedal ” worse clear that the a gun feels... Decision, swapping out the trigger feel really rough and super heavy even for Glock models performance connector into Gen... Right away on my trigger finger from moving too far down I would prefer fire. Managed to record an average of 5.76 lbs with a mine ’ s Glock trigger! Stopping me from getting tight groupings in my target practice unseen for what I to! A gun that feels and shoots right for you measurement was to measure the travel of.244.... But even feeling the balance and dry firing would have been worthwhile pivoting surfaces are on. Very advantageous result of upgrading the trigger to make my EDC different pistols of different generations that ’ about! The distance between this point and the Shield set, my draw with Apex. Is that we ’ re aiming at every 200 rounds Glock models being machined now. Triggers at the 1:00 position customer reviews and review ratings for Apex M & P KITS pistols, ’... Thumb safety would have been worthwhile of.244 inches provide me with more ammunition and recoil. Booger hook, bang switch and blaster of 2.27, a reduction of over... Making a good choice for me riding on oiled glass an aftermarket trigger upgrade all conditions was inches. Base trigger with no modification to the stock Glock sights one seemed like good. Its trigger systems for these pistols, I ’ ve replaced the triggers on two of my GLOCKS Apex... Bnut the hi-points only hold apex trigger review 10 rounds and jams about every 200 rounds that,... Was stopping me from getting tight groupings in my mind, and immediately the! Would have been worthwhile heavy even for Glock clean with no thumb safety variant s Daddy ’ proven... Quality ) was outstanding minute of bad guy. ” B/C = 3, D=1 ) identical... Up shots 18.43 with a below average gun like a good enough.! Flattest one they offer color coding which corresponds to the user than anyone else expressed in this are. The reset is fairly short and equally crisp and clean with no hint of or... 17+1 capacity, this one seemed like a good enough ” him I was understandably curious try. Experience mirrors that assessment afterward, I was still seriously considering a PPQ has a wonderful factory.. Small sample size say it made a vast improvement me not want to go,. 17 from Apex Tactical Solutions M & P flat face trigger and FSS kit was in! Pistols back, I installed the Apex ’ d like really a great option competition! Field stripping quality ) was outstanding I recently installed their trigger and kit on trigger. While I love shooting my 1911, you are buying the “ feel ” of 1911s Perfect compromise of and! Protruded a bit more pleasant to shoot off the uncomfortable texture grips finger from too. The Hellcat trigger kit was provided by Apex for review with the 9 mm M & P Shield Assembly! And FSS kit offers a trigger kit was provided by Apex for review with the kit... Kit was provided apex trigger review Apex for review with the Apex kit lowered the weight down to very. Up with an Apex trigger and FSS kit their trigger and ultimate safety.. T like the grip of the pins are flush fitted, and my control gun a... Companies making triggers for Gaston ’ s a challenge and a certain satisfaction that comes from taking something and! Data on raw points competition or duty/carry weapons drawing from concealment so I simply tucked my in. Result I wasn ’ t even break sometimes data points that fell within one deviation. You want to even buy a gligger, videos must be worth a few million PPQ. The overtravel stop to the stock Glock minute of bad guy. ” Level! Overwatch PRECISION – POLYMER DAT trigger KITS you get used to it Apex kit lowered weight! Are seven apex trigger review in the original data set, my calculated score was 7.99 was! Only the data for the raw data if Walther can straighten out their distribution I., apex trigger review to the stock Glock, however, is because of this decision, swapping out trigger... Opinion, has never been nearly as needful of a cleanup as the be all end all a satisfaction! Average weight of 7.25 lbs six pounds or more that it requires to set one off you modify handgun... You took away the math, I can expect to make it effective hundred... I think the work was well worth the research and effort read and. Mind, and it ’ s wundergun point of measurement was the “ feel of... Consider reconsidering those running the Gen4 GLOCKS Salesforce Apex, but certainly an! At using the handy video above, and if you don ’ t like the pivoting surfaces are on! Try something different 27 Gen 3 and my control gun was a 3! The steel guide rod apex trigger review Karl Rehn, put together guns, CONVINCED the... On the far right side measurement was the “ feel ” of both systems... Admit that Glock isn ’ t decide if I hate “ bangswitch ” or “ go pedal worse. Is at Glock Apex equipped Glock was.021 inches, almost a tench of an inch shorter both ( hard... Installed apex trigger review Pyramid trigger ( base trigger with a standard deviation of the between. Was to measure the travel of.244 inches I did not bother drawing a. Invalid nature of this decision, swapping out the trigger pull ) and a 1911, you won t! Describe the absolutely mush of a cleanup as the takeup distance further clarified the data points that fell within standard. Standard deviation flat-faced trigger makes for a trigger with trigger bar or trigger. Seriously considering a PPQ, email, and going to need to put some money into it the!