Adjustable dampering on shockiesWill probabaly think of more when I get the vehicleWhy don't other's add their thoughts ? Thanks mate. What have I been putting up with !!! Still plenty of time but given what some have said about delivery times, might be sooner than I think when I need to start haggling on the price.Whilst Subie don't do fleet, the fleet manager at work assures me she can get me a very good deal. Yoki C drives are popular with NZ Forester owners according to the brother. :) NP.Be careful though, don't fry your tansmission ! Prices reflect recommended retail price as per our terms & conditions Well with a nice new car, he can hardly be blamed, IMO. ), Drive the auto, it is a little bit slower than manual, but still punchy as all heck. I better not show her how to pre-spool Please excuse my ignorance, but what is pre spooling? Was very average. I have three quotes so far and quite a variance between them so room to move.I'm not sure to go for tow pack or go aftermarket.I will be getting the other usual bits (mats, bonnet guard etc) but that's all. Its quite tricky to get smooth and sedate acceleration without the auto downshifting. The auto may be just a little less of sheer fun than the manual. Most likely around a campfire up at one of the local spots. I think they are grossly over rated. Perhaps the turbo is just too much for it. if you dont want others to have interest, no pobs. :S A car salesman wouldn't lie ! end of Feb. Re tested the demo. Facebook; ... REMINGTON BOLT ACTION M16 STYLE EXTRACTORS. Hey Rerz, I like your method. No impact on the power and the dials are good. If it is cold, it may take 2-3 weeks2. I got some bloody funny looks though especially with the Dealers signwriting on the side :). Excellent question. It's ok, the Disco is waaaay out of budget and not on my list.However I dont agree with those posts--I would love to own one because its so damm good ON ROAD---with far higher safety standards than any Toyota "truck".Back on topic, I need something like a Forester and I am hoping the space issues can be resloved---if not it may mean buying a Territory with the new ZF six speed auto---from what I hear --a huge improvement---but I am still undecided. even though I'll be buying from one I have already identified ;). Thanks to you to matey. Tap in place with a hammer and turn to extract without damaging the threads around the fastener. Have you bought a gps unit to replace the Avic yet? The guys here are very open and it is quite refreshing. The stock dump pipe is actually half blocked at the factory. I rang my Subaru dealer today and had a nice long chat with a VERY intelligent and knowledgeable sales person. Although the tyre upgrade I have ( Advant ST ) has helped alleviate the roll somewhat die to more forgiving sidewalls. If I do find the need, I'll add a hayman reece kit.Other things first though ( swaybar and exhaust ). A kludge is never elegant except ironically, nor, serviceability to the task at hand excepted, is it ever admirable. Maybe I don't look close enough ;)I guess it does depend to some extent on where you live and the type of roads you drive on. It's well and truly on topic since you called it the "girl" (I agree btw)waits for Reerze to flameAs opposed to the Forrie which is the "guy" ;). *thumbs up*, Cant believe the insurance difference on them though. What price do you put on comfort? I'm off for a nice 300 km drive tomorrow down through Gippsland Enjoy, For those that are considering an XT Note this is for an XT MY05 but I suggest the results for a MY06 should be as good if not Details...... :)) Deja, come on now, behave and read my post :POrder is 5 weeks away. I suspect it's an Optus issue. I did read that there are some button sequences you can press to change things - will have to find the newsgroup where I read it. Deja, come on now, behave and read my post :P Ahh, my fault, 5 weeks isn't long though ?Are you sold on the Auto ? Center of gravity would kill the XT on the bends vs the Liberty. I doubt I will be modding the engine in anyway for quite some time. Slow night huh ? What swayed you to the auto ? Its a manual. The vehicle needs a bigger sway bar for this type of work. Checked out a few aero parts for the Forester already too, coming from a mod'd 180SX the Forester stock looks a little plain lol, so a few changes here and there to make it mine rather then just another one in the pack. Have you been scouring the Forester forums to see if they have any common problems so you are well armed for warrenty claims? - How is the sound transmission and road noise damping in the XT? Luckily I used to live in the USA and have a number of mates who can get me the parts using local dollars.Thanks for the link. Took it in there on Saturday, and they fixed it on the spot and washed all the windows inside and out. Performance wise, there are quite a few mouthwatering prospects ahead mate.In Sydney, drop by Autotech Engineering and Thanks for the excellent info. What have I been putting up with !! if you dont want others to have interest, no pobs, Heya Viz. Will need to do some work on that so open to suggestions.What does your Mum think of the XT ? Smooth as silk now and good for traffic, stop start stuff.I could certainly understand anyone driving it being a little dazed and confused until getting the hang of it.In Power mode or in Sportshift, there's loads of fun to be had. I rang my Subaru dealer today and had a nice long chat with a VERY intelligent and knowledgeable sales person. BTW Which model TomTom did you get ? Across the center, through the Tanami to Broome, up the cost to Darwin, across the top to the easy coast and back to Sydney.Towed a trailer.He is itching to get back out there.I tend to stick to the B tops and Hillend and the like plus a few private places ;). I'll check the forums. Was quoted, but didn't go ahead. Well, one day you'll get payback-payback. The XT have so much more torque through the rev range in comparison, you don't really need a dual range transmission.I have been off-road many times, it's no Landcruiser, but it is very competent. Deja, very true indeed. :S A car salesman wouldn't lie ! I'm jealous as hell.Feed me with all the info Deja. They seemed fairly hard to me in the demo model. Deja, wasn't about "fast", was about lag. :P. huh ! The pic (as grainy as it is) looks think this is the same thing:, Going to be crowded out there given the Mazda CX7 will likely be on the market late next year or early 2007. Bolt and Screw Extractors : Call Us With Questions or Orders. My thoughts as well, chuckle. I own a Patrol, but because I do >30,000 road kms a year now I need a nice road car, pref. :) More specifically Nice collection of links we have now. all 75,000kms of it :-) Looks good Casper subyroo ;), After my recent trip to QLD with the XT, I plan on getting a GPS unit very soon.Currently have TT One, TT 500 and the Asus 636 on the list.Have crossed off the Navman PiN units due to older GPS receiver units.TT One leads at the moment.Has been some talk of new units on the market mid year so hopefully there will be some bargains soon. Room enough for me in the drivers seat ;) make sure never to Bullshit a sales person. ( I know what I mean ) ! I've tried that break-in method, it works fabulously. I have my own secret little "proving ground".No boys in blue around for miles. Deja writes...If i think it will be a prob I'll be looking at some bembros or just rotors /pads / calipers.So Deja, you've had it a short time now. Would an AWD sedan work. Of course it's not, you know that. They are putting it up against the X5 so it went off my list. Normal and generally fun ;)5. Infact, it's one of the best, most versatile transmissions I've driven. M-F 8:30 AM - 6 PM ET, Car & Trunk Organizers & CD Visor Organizers, Car, Truck, Motorcycle & Power Sport Covers, Marine, Powersport & Recreational Vehicle Covers, Hubcaps, Fuel Door Covers & Front End Bras, Trailer Hitches and Accessories & Car Top Carriers and Racks, Wind Deflectors, Bug Deflectors & Rain Guards, Tie Downs Straps, Tow Rope, Winches & Hitch Accessories, Motion Activated Security Lights & Outdoor Lighting, Tools, Jacks, Torches, Workstations & Utility Knives, Jump Starters and Cables, Chargers, Inverters & Cords, Flashlights, Work Lights, Batteries and Bulbs, Vehicle Headliner, Sun Visor, & Panel Repair, Novelty Signs, Collectibles & Accessories, Drying Cloths, Chamois, Squeegees & Mitts, Car and Bike Vacuums, Blowers & Inflators By Metropolitan Vacuum, Gliptone Pressure Washer Universal Adapter Kit, Glass Treatment, Polish, Applicators & Towels, Castrol Edge w/Syntec Synthetic Motor Oil, Anti-Freeze - Coolant and Radiator Additives, Anti-Freeze, Coolant and Radiator Additives, Brake Fluids, Brake Cleaners & Brake Lubricants, Continental Elite Accu-Drive® Belt Tensioners, Continental Elite Rolls of Hose and Accessories, Headlight, Tail Light, Fog & Signal Lamp Assemblies, Wheel Hub Assembly - Direct OEM Replacement. The entire bonnet shape was different ?Had side skirts, front scoop and rear scoop. I could wait for another year and maybe the new Mazda might be ideal. Wall wear indicated some softness in the sidewall. I would recommend the model that overhangs the edge of the roof rails. Performance safetyLarger tread blocks on the shoulder deliver excellent safe handling and cornering power. I must have missed something ?It happens. As long as no rust shows up on the seat hinges - LOLSorry, couldn't resist. Interesting about the space thing in the Liberty. Excellent, thanks for that, have you ordered from there before? ON topic--thanks for your pics of the Obsidian wonder, it really looks the Biz. The extras were actually very limited IMO.Sure the usual stuff but nothing really worth gettingI would have liked some seat options like the other seats they have in the Imprezza's etc. Warranty is quite amicable really. Mine costs just $55 more than my wife's Berlina ! I can live without heated seats. Most are hoping it misses out again.Edit - I've been looking at a few videos of the Forrie nowThis is an MY05 but the guy is having a (11mb), This is an MY05 but the guy is having a (11mb) That dude is having a riot !Hmm, exhaust sounds tasty. Will check with the service team. Not unless you tint the window with friggin glad wrap. I had a tow pack on the Commie which held my MB. So it was off to as many Subaru forums as I could find - after lots of reading decided on the Yokohama C-Drives which suited my 90% on-road driving. There have been quite a few links for aftermarket bits and pieces and the local forums are a welath on ifno for aero parst etc. Larger dia sway bar to reduce roll Yep, it's been upgraded since my05, but could still use a 22mm solid one for faster cornering. while the S.T. even though I'll be buying from one I have already identified ;) You know my advice there. As long as no rust shows up on the seat hinges - LOL Don't you worry, I checked !Although the car handover was very cool.They have a room called "Journey" where the car is there, all spic and span and under spotlight.A bit of wank factor but was nice none the less and gives an excellent chance to go through all the fussy checks you'd want. at least they have some semblance of being off-road/dirt tyres. I can live without heated seats. Just run the feed down the side of the vehicle. The demo's I test drove had plenty of legroom for me (I'm 1.85m). No smoke, no movement - apart from forwards.I did it to a few guys when I did the weekend test drive so it was payback I guess. My previous company car was Black duco and I found it didn't show the dirt ? Faster takeoff.It's to try and avoid turbo lag. The first drive, I was the first person to take it outThe demo has now done 1200 km. The other idea I had for the XT was to add a tow pack. I thought you had ordered some :) Ordered into store, but not committed to 'em ! I was just curious, that's all. I find the Outback a little unappealing Just a little ?I think they are grossly over rated. No, I won't be changing my mind on the leather Leather is noice. Road noise is not the issue with the Geo's, it is tyre squealing under hard driving on the road - if you intend doing that sort of driving a Forrie is not for you - get a sedan. What car do you have A Liberty GT Auto. IMO, the seats were a little disappointing and it misses on some things I thought would be standard on a vehicle at this end of the market. She looked across and smiled ! The owner (workmate) has had it in the shop 3 times now for issues with the auto. :P/OTI was only going to start haggling for the tow kit if negotioations went sour. Anyone care to put a (advise?) (lol, the city is being buzzed by F16s, something we rarely see up here!!). I think he is looking more for a full size SUV. I did it to a few guys when I did the weekend test drive so it was payback I guess. ... Don't want to barge in on your thread here. Strong as steelEnergy XM1 is strengthened by two full-width steel belts plus another Michelin first, BAZ™ technology. Agree. Checked out a few aero parts for the Forester already too, coming from a mod'd 180SX the Forester stock looks a little plain lol, so a few changes here and there to make it mine rather then just another one in the pack. More padding on the center arm rest (hard as rocks)9. No problems whatsoever.You're wrong again, as is your dinky-tinter friend.I think I'll go and put the demister on right now, just for you. Are you looking mainly for cosmetic upgrades? Comfy ? Redbook : www.redbookasiapacific.c...RESTE&year=20040 very useful site that, did not know it - those prices are based on 30,000km which bodes well as we only have 16,000km with a couplr of extrasthanks all - i'll let u know how i goJeloz, SOLD 2 day - $33K - took a while...Thanks alljeloz. LOL, The Territory is a great vehicle and was on the list for me as you know. You make it sound like there is something wrong with it I guess I was just surprised about the guy's auto. My dad has an '05 Outback 3.0R, and the auto box takes getting used to. did the guys who done the tinting of your windows with tinted film not tell you this ?? If I do find the need, I'll add a hayman reece kit.I'm pretty sure our car and another car I know of (granted not Foresters though) both use a Hayman Reece towing setup for towing loaded horse floats and caravans. I'll also be going with the black (order is about 5 weeks away), Deja, come on now, behave and read my post :P. Ahh, my fault, 5 weeks isn't long though ? Made from heavy-duty steel. This isn't Forester related per se - sorry. Saw the below post. Well, you did want a slush box so live with the choice (me too). Not unless you tint the window with friggin glad wrap. Smooth handlingMichelin Energy XM1 delivers smooth, confident control, at all speeds. Agreed and appears that the warranty is not impacted either after reading Subaru's web site. I did pretty well but they sure don't like moving much ! They seemed fairly hard to me in the demo model.Also the driving position - you know the whinge I had to you via whim re. Classic. Deja - do you know if the XT will run on ethanol blend fuel ? Really ? Can't really comment, I've only driven ( and then purchased ) the XT luxury, which has the leather trim. I feel confortable in the resale value knowing this when shopping around.Checked out a few aero parts for the Forester already too, coming from a mod'd 180SX the Forester stock looks a little plain lol, so a few changes here and there to make it mine rather then just another one in the pack.Cant believe the insurance difference on them though. I'll see if the clutch is as heavy on another XT M and go from there.Just looking out the window across the road and a black FXT MY06 has pulled up. you're wrong. Is it some sort of aftermarket basic (cheap) thing, or is it a whole new gearbox? I value your reviews (not that I'll be turned off this time) LOL--thanks matey. May have better seats and I can organise a swap (have done equipment swaps before). That's what I had heard too. Steering wheel reach (even base model Commodores have this), 3. Rather than face an extended time on the "Geosqueelers" which have a horrendous rep, i've ordered some of these; the S.T's to be exact.Got a decent changeover price as long as I've done less than 50km when I drove 'em on in.Review of the ST's; to the dealer, I ordered the last 4 225/55/r17 in this tyre, which may or may not have been BS. The base model is about $47 Yeah, what a bargain, this will steal some sales from Subaru. Yes...under heavy braking. Better not show him this then­ p?t=32247 Thanks everyman. Deja, did you get one or a quote. Ever break off a hold and didn't know the best way to remove it? About 10 mins before I leave the dealer I will give it some Guarana tablets and make sure I have my heavy boots on. I keep thinking I should have worked harder on making the Avic fit but it would have meant installing it in a pod and I didn't like the idea.I'm tossing up between the Tomtom 300, a Uniden unit, a Navman pin or a GPS card for my laptop.All very different. Replacing this with a free flowing 3" dump pipe will yield a MAJOR improvement in throttle response and overall performance (full boost will hit much earlier).Just a thought. ok i will have a look later on the European brands OMG ----slaps face. Still more tempted by an XT... just trying to appease the inister for War & Finance.... A specced up X or an XT, mmmmmmYou know the answer don't you.Edit - I'll qualify that comment. Nice work ! He said "better buy from the USA then"Edit - love the Klugermatic. Deja, did you get one or a quote. Even-though I now have a different engine in the car, prior to pulling the original Forester engine out, the compression test result was absolutely faultless - it made bucket loads of power (180kw @4wheels at 15.5psi). If the OP is happy, then so am I. Tune it at 16psi and you' could be owning stock STi's too :) Performance wise, there are quite a few mouthwatering prospects ahead mate.In Sydney, drop by Autotech Engineering and you do, don't take it to MRT. The Geo's did well off road. It's an explanation.edit: I can too. Can't spring the extra $3,500 for the XTL? Namely the satnav ..why do you need this? Does the power mode impact take off ? a nudge bar (have that sorted) Out of mere curiousity, as I tend to keep my ear to the ground on 4x4 accessories, what manufacturer are you going with for the nudge? thank you no, thank you. Really ? Camping/off-roading ones? I'm considering this now. AR15A4 EXTRACTOR. Same products, same branding, just manufacturers website I may talk to my mates back in Geneseo as they have a n upmarket model over there we don't get. Performance ones? They quoted 8-12 weeks but as you know my company car doesn't go back until March so don't really need the FX until then.Also don't get the cash from the company until then so ....I can wait.CheersEdit - I did give in a bit when I signed up. I should share the favourites folder I have now. The manual is direct but many switch to a shorter throw. Don't leave, you'l miss all the entertainment ;)So, as for the Forester, the lad at work (with the XT) has fitted a water tank to the rear. I really think the 7.6 sec quoted by Subaru for the XT A is wrong as it felt just as punchy as the XT M I test drove earlier. On another note - we need to get a Towbar for the Forrester also. Details...... :)). the wharehouse & supa-cheap get some interesting stuff for awd accessories LMFAO.I hear dead peeples ;), the wharehouse & supa-cheap get some interesting stuff for awd accessories I just don't know where to start here ............... :(, just don't know where to start here Move over one aisle - the bicycle section. edit: be nice if a con rod came through the side of your engine, Charming.I'll give you some advice...... Get st.....Now that's good advice.edit: Vizitor, what car do you own / drive ? Subaru have them but pricey.Comes with the trailer power hookup ofcourse, No, tow pack refers to the hitch, the ball and cooler. However, I'll be trying both again a few times between now and December. Six roundabouts in Brookie. that's the spirit ! COLT (In Stock) 0.0. Indeed, I am. I totally crossed the MY05 Forrie off my list earlier this year but then took an MY06 and what a difference. add on parts available, but i must say k-mart & local speed shops are looking good in that department. My offroad before I moved to Tassie was very serious, deep ruts, steep loose hills, basically going places because I could, not needed to..... down here, not as much yet.....If you are seriously looking at a full on 4wd, why not check out an offroad forum -- like ; ; or the like? But comparitively smaller than say a commode or falcon. Pressures were down though (after some sand work on the coast. ;)(sorry about going off topic). Would go well with the internal windscreen wipers and external demister though. Was a little wet. Rockbloker a site sponsor sells the paint/light protectors. Edit - apologies to the OP and to other participants in this thread for the off topic nature of my last post. A special silica based compound that reduces rolling resistance, Green X™ increases fuel efficiency and decreases pollution, without sacrificing any performance, tyre life or comfort. Yep, Subaru have done this for yearsEdit - even my Commie does it ;). Now...what am I going to buy ?....hmmmmmmm Hmm indeed :)Take it easy, Rerz. Certainly makes sense.Speed, handling, smaller size, high cabin area.There are a couple of WRX's in the South Island (one lives in Twizel) I've met ;)I always wondered why they didn't make the move to Foresters as more adaptable than the WRX's and easier to add on extras required for the job. I need to move to a bike rack. I should have included versus the MY05 WRX - sorry, The following site is in Japanese but worth a look at the add ons for the Forester.Nice pictures. other vehicles. ;) We haven't quite convinced him yet ;)Don't think we will. I am proud to say I have never had a speeding ticket in 30 odd years of driving but this baby will test that record ! I found the Geo's very good as a crossover tyre. but i gotta tell you mate if it is a tinted film on rear glass window & mate if you got a heater (demister) on your rear window & you put in on, the tinted film on your rear window will have lottsa bubbles, No it won't. After having had 3 Commodores, the rear seat would not be my place to sit on a long trip. Please keep posting. External-Grip Extractor Sets. Approx. If you can find a local dealer for one, and your bike fits on it, grab a Swagman XP with a 40mm tongue on it I'm not getting a tow pack. If brakes are good please forgive and ignore, but it's just a thought. Yes, I've used a similar method so far. Edit - it's the Integra making all the noise ;) Damn lotta noise :). Deja, did you get one or a quote. Here's the problem, finding suitable size to replace the 215/55/17 Brother said they were popular so I guess they have a source.As I said, he did say keeping the pressure at 33 makes a big diff.I'll use it to bargain with when I buy, the local Bridgestone shop has some rims I've been looking at.The stock rims look average. Bloody Subaru won't leave me alone - 3 phone calls from the dealer today and a letter.Sheesh, they must be short of customers .... Any idea why they dropped dual range in the MY06 XT manual (versus the non turbo MY06 manuals) ? This is " The Rerz " method of obtaining extended test drives.1. Edit - Vizitor, have you moved the demister to the inside yet ? How did your crew feel about the size, etc ? Spiral Screw Extractors For harder metals, choose a spiral screw extractor. WRT add on parts and safety, the Forester clearly needs none cf. 9. The tyres on the F XT are Geolanders and are designed as crossover type tyres. The Forester does it again, good to see it beat stiff competitions from the likes of BMW X3 3.0i sport. They've been using GT's/Xt's in Melb inner suburbs as emergency response Paramedic units for about 5 years. If I feel the need , I'll get a reece added later on. I've used them before for camping gearMore specifically and the auto box takes getting used to. I know they have them in other models but wasn't aware they had done so in the Forester - sorry. That would require some serious mods. Adequate ? Live Chat Live Chat. Would definitely take your point about the squealing noise, but seems to be more of a tyre pressure issue than a tread/compound one.